London Against The Badger Cull

The badger cull is imminent.

Despite a sustained and honest campaign to halt the proposed pilot badger culls the government and NFU are preparing to take to the fields and woodland of Gloucestershire and Somerset in an attempt to eradicate a species to aid the failing dairy industry.

The political process has failed. The government has ignored credible science and respected scientists. It has made a mockery of democracy by ignoring MP’s and votes in the house of commons. And essentially by continuing with this bloody policy it is laughing in the face of the British public, who have shown huge support. The petition is the biggest of it’s kind with over 256,000 signatures. The National March Against the Badger Cull was the largest animal lobby demonstration in decades with thousands on the streets.

Campaigners have tried every and all options open to them to try and stop this insane policy and yet we find ourselves here.

But if you think there is no more that we can do you are wrong. We can still stop the cull.

Now is the time the badgers need us in the cull zones.

I would encourage everyone to get down to the cull zones in the coming days and weeks and exercise your right to peaceful protest, your right to use public footpaths and cross land. Contact Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, Hunt Saboteurs Association or Stop The Cull for details of what is going on (links to their sites can be found on the links page). Alternatively you can join us on one of our excursions.

Individual badgers going about their natural business, like they have done for at least 250,000 years, will be shot by marksmen with no experience of shooting free running badgers, in the chest in an experimental method, the humaneness of this method will be judged by the noise the badger makes as it dies and we fear many will crawl away to die slow painful deaths from injuries, starvation or infections. It will not even be known whether the animal has bTB or not.

Our presence in the cull zones can stop this. The badgers need you more than ever.

London Against the Cull are paying regular visits to the cull zones to take part in peaceful protest and non-violent direct action and we need your support.

You can:

- come with us to a cull zone! Please contact us by using the form on this page or at londonagainstthecull[at] if you would like to come with us on one of our trips. We are especially looking for drivers with their own vehicles.
- support us by donating using the button at the top of the page. Your donation will pay for necessary equipment and fuel to enable us to travel from London to the Somerset and Gloucestershire.
- ‘Like’ us on facebook – London Against the Badger Cull or follow us on twitter – Badger March @protestthecull
- Buy one of our tshirts – which we will be selling shortly!! Watch this space……

Together we can save lives this summer.